If IT equipment, cords and servers are taking over your office, and your budget, it’s time to consider Virtualization – a modern approach to technology that empowers you to eliminate the cost, space and aggravations associated with keeping your business technology in-house, by delivering everything you need over the Internet instead.

With Virtualization, your entire IT can be hosted off-site, from your custom software and day-to-day business applications to your laptops, network, servers and operating system.

With our team on the back end of your technology, you can enjoy all the IT you want, upgrade at anytime and store everything offsite – without worrying about how much physical or memory space you may have available.
What is Virtualization?

Virtualization is the creation of a virtual version of a device or resource, including storage devices, servers, computer hardware, applications and operating systems. This is achieved by making a single physical machine act like

This allows users access to desktops, applications and servers in the cloud, drastically reducing the cost of hardware while increasing efficiency.
Virtualization Gives You The Power To:

Free up business resources and save money – consolidating your servers reduces cooling and energy costs while clearing out valuable office space.
Increase efficiency – virtualization lets you optimize workloads and reduce the number of physical servers, this means you spend less time and less money on maintenance tasks.
Recover fast in case of a disaster – since your information is now stored virtually, you can quickly and reliably restore your data and applications.
Enjoy today’s best-of-breed technology – easily upgrade, add or take away services at any time without the limitations of your in-house hardware.
Get more out of your applications – through fast provisioning & dynamic load-balancing.

Wondering How Virtualization Can Help You? Let’s Look at an Example:

First, think of all the existing hardware you have available in your company, like workstations, servers, routers, etc.

Now, let’s say half of your employees spend the majority of their work day sending emails and using Microsoft Word. This doesn’t require a lot of memory or processing power, so at least 50% of your workstations are being underutilized.

At the same time, you have a handful of power users that need a lot of RAM and processing power to get their work done. Lately, the workstations they’re using keep freezing in the middle of tasks and need to be restarted throughout the day.

Deadlines are closing in, and your team of power users tells you they need faster computers ASAP, or they won’t be able to get your clients the deliverables they are expecting.

It seems like the only solution is buying new computers, but upgrading five workstations in a rush is a big expense that will definitely make a dent in your annual budget, so now what?

With Virtualization, instead of buying new equipment, you can take advantage of the underutilized memory and processing power that is wasted on half your workstations and apply those resources to your power users.

The result? Every employee has access to a virtual workspace that’s set up to meet their exact needs. No more computer resources are being wasted, your organization is now running at peak performance, and you’re getting the most out of your existing IT infrastructure.